Lavazza Museum

Turin, Italy

The Lavazza Museum is a sensory journey through global coffee culture, explored through the 120-year story of the Lavazza family, their rich heritage, and continued dedication to coffee over five generations. Pushing the boundaries of brand museum design through its highly personalized approach, the Museum stimulates visitors’ senses and their imaginations.

Inspired by Lavazza’s passion for composing the perfect coffee experience, RAA’s design concept is that of the ‘unique blend’: the magic that comes from Lavazza’s winning combination of tradition and innovation. Combining age-old rituals and Lavazza’s enduring love of coffee culture, with contemporary design, interaction and immersive technology, the Museum gives visitors an opportunity to discover and understand Lavazza’s philosophy and find their own connection to the brand and its stories.

The Museum experience covers company milestones and different aspects of the business, such as the Lavazza production process, the investments in design and art, various marketing campaigns, and much more. Each one of the five galleries has different content and design, resulting in ‘five museums in one’. It is a highly interactive experience led by the use of an RFID-enabled Lavazza cup that helps visitors activate the interactive media and save their own choices. The visitor journey finishes with the tasting of a Lavazza design recipe.

The Lavazza Museum is an anchor of the regeneration of Borgata Aurora, a former industrial district of Turin. More broadly, the Museum makes an important contribution to the global cultural heritage of coffee. More than just a drink, the production, distribution, sharing and enjoyment of coffee is a major part of life around the world–with over 27 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed in over 90 countries annually. Immersing visitors in this heritage in an engaging way, the Lavazza Museum invites them to engage with the significance of coffee on both a personal level and a global one.


Cino Zucchi Architects


1,200 square meters


English & Italian

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