Volkswagen’s Autostadt

Wolfsburg, Germany

Autostadt is a city of cars alongside the Volkswagen HQ in Wolfsburg, Germany.

RAA was asked to create a new 3,050-square-foot installation in the Azzurro, or the “blue” Pavilion. In what looks like an over-sized car from the outside is a cinema on the inside; visitors sit in swivel chairs, surrounded by six screens in a window-shield design. The film, which invites visitors to take a trip—through Bangkok, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Zurich—illustrates how the infrastructures of auto-mobility have influenced personal frames of reference, business development, mindset, and culture.

Interactive consoles at the room's perimeter explore the state of the automobile industry worldwide, economic and socio-cultural developments brought about by auto-mobility, future challenges, and local opportunities.


Gerhard Merz


3,050 square feet

  • Event Design Awards, Silver Winner for Best Permanent Installation

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