William J. Clinton Presidential Library 

Little Rock, Arkansas

The library is a public policy center and national archive whose media-rich exhibition uses the latest digital technologies and draws upon an extensive electronic archive, a photo and video library, and eighty million documents. An in-depth program conveys the substantive history of the Clinton administration, communicates the big ideas of the Clinton Presidency, and traces the effects of public policy on people’s lives.

Adhering to the exacting standards of the National Archives and Records Administration, the exhibition presents two hundred documents and five hundred artifacts are presented. Presidential correspondence, international agreements, the First Lady’s second inaugural gown, and gifts from heads of state provide a contextual backdrop to sixteen policy-based multimedia alcoves. Full-scale replicas of the Oval Office (furnished exactly as it was during President Clinton’s tenure) and the Cabinet Room contain interactive programs on how decisions were made, crises averted. Exhibits using artifacts and written personal reflections along with interactive features offer a look at the First Family at home: White House holiday celebrations and state events are represented, as are objects sent from admirers around the world.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Center: Building a Bridge to the 21st Century, a book designed and produced by RAA with an introduction by President Clinton, walks readers through the grounds, archives, policy center, and museum at the Center and presents a chronology of his Presidency and the work he has undertaken since he left office.

William J. Clinton Presidential Center

Polshek Partnership Architects


20,000 square feet

  • Applied Arts Awards Annual, Environmental Design

  • Industrial Designers Society of America, Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award, Museum Exhibits and Set Design

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